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The wearable technology market is set to be revolutionized by the new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch that is reported by the brand to be the first true smartwatch that it has created. The new device works to provide users with enhanced fitness tracking capabilities it has come to be renowned for including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensing, sleep tracking and workout coaching.

However, the device looks to take these functionalities further by also boasting GPS technology, water resistance and more to make it a competitive smartwatch option that isn’t Apple or Android-branded.


Smartwatch in colors

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch comes in three color options and can be paired with a number of straps that are made from different materials to make it suitable for wear when working or out heading to the office.

Fitbit iconic smartwatch


You can order them at their website, just click here.


The first Fitbit

Today Fitbit launched their first legit smartwatch with 3rd party apps, wireless payments, and music support onboard.  That’s all in addition to a revamped optical heart rate sensor, refreshed GPS platform, new coaching services, and a boatload of smaller features and plenty of accessories.


Bluetooth connection

And because they were in the doubling down mode, they also launched new wireless Bluetooth headphones that can dual connect to the watch and your phone concurrently, as well as a new Fitbit Aria WiFi scale (the Aria 2).  I suppose technically that’s tripling down.

Fitbit Iconic

Either way, I have all the new stuff (save the scale) and have been using these loaner units for about a week now across all sorts of sports.  While the hardware is final on these units, the software isn’t. That’s not happening till mid-late September.  As such, this is not a review.  My usual in-depth review will be released on/about September 25th, which is the date Fitbit ‘allows’ anything with the word ‘review’ (per media embargo).  There are no other restrictions on what I or other media can write, except that we can’t call it a review (since the product isn’t done yet).  Fair enough, I wouldn’t have called it a review anyway at this stage.  Still, as you’ll see, I’ve got plenty of data and opinions in this post to chew on.

As regular readers know however, my first-look style posts are detail-packed…but they’ve got nothing on my In-Depth Reviews.  So stay tuned later in September for that!  For now, let’s dive into what’s new.

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