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DINAMO RIGA – Hockey team

PESTEL analysis

POLITICAL – stability of government affects the team, because they need government’s funding for participation in different championships.

ECONOMIC – inflation affects the changes in all costs connected with the team, like broadcasting, day to day economic operations. Also the price for tickets affects the revenue, because if the ticket price rises, it could cause a decrease in attendence and revenues. Also, Dinamo Riga performance mostly depends on the trainer, who changes pretty often, so that causes a fluctuation in teams performance, and if it performs bad, attendence drops, because people stop believing in them and stop watching the games live.

SOCIAL – Games are mostly watched by men, but when the team shows good results, it becomes more trendy among different groups – teenagers, women, families etc. Since it is a seasonal sport, it is broadcasted on TV, live on internet, news papers etc. Dinamo Riga supports children hospitals in Riga, visit their fans. Also schools all over Latvia organize joint “excursions” to Dinamo games.

TECHNOLOGICAL – In nowadays you can watch the game anywhere, on all devices – TV, computers, even smartphones and tablets, so that makes following the team very easy and accessible, which attracts more fans.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Games and trainings happen in Arena Riga, so the only environment “unfriendly” problem is the big power consumption.

LEGAL – Team has to sign contracts with players, claim their salary and pay taxes to the state.

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